Live-streamed classes with Manasa Yoga founders

#StayHome and practice Manasa Yoga with Manoj & Sandhya - for anyone and everyone who needs movement, body work, breath work and some philosophical perspectives in this challenging time.


How many classes are there?

There will be 5 Basic and 5 Intermediate classes every week (Monday to Friday). Each day, Basic classes will be conducted from 715PM - 815PM while the Intermediate classes will be from 930AM - 1045AM


Weekly Schedule

MON to FRI : 930-1045AM Intermediate with Manoj & Sandhya

MON to THU: 715-815PM Basic with Manoj & Sandhya

FRI: 715-815PM Basic with Sandhya

Daily Class Themes

Monday : Backbend & Twists

Tuesday : Strength & Mobility

Wednesday: Restorative

Thursday : Strength & Stability

Friday : Ashtanga-inspired

Pricing Plans

Zoom links will be sent to your email 2 hours before each Zoom classes. Single Day and 3-Day passes will be activated on your selected start date and will expire at 8pm on the last valid day of your pass.

Unused class access will not be carried forward to another week. Please note that rates are per device. FOR SECURITY REASONS please make sure your device carries your name and your video camera is switched on for identification purposes.

5-Day Pass

Access to Zoom Classes. for 5 consecutive days

Available for Purchase: 7pm Friday until 11pm Sunday

3-Day Pass

Access to Zoom Classes. for 3 consecutive days

Available for Purchase: 7pm Friday until 11pm the night before you would like to start the 3 day pass

1-Day Pass

Access to Zoom Class for 1 day.

Available for Purchase: 7pm Friday until 11pm the night before you would like to join class


  1. Sign in with your name as per registered so your attendance can be verified
  2. Select speaker view on your device during the session so that the teacher will fill out the screen of your device which will enable you to view and follow directions better
  3. Do turn on your video and place your mat in a landscape orientation so that the teacher may see you clearly and that you may also see the screen more easily by just turning your head to the side.
  4. Use a bluetooth speaker to enhance the sound quality of your livestream practice

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