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Join the Talk & 'Live the Gita' for a week

Join this 60-minute Wisdom Talk with Manoj and you will also get a TASTE of being in the Gita Talk Club for a week!

Open to everyone who is interested in wisdom teachings for inspiration to move towards personal elevation in all aspects of the self.

FREE 60-Minute Wisdom Talk with Manoj Kaimal

TIME: 830-930 PM KUL/ 830AM NYC/ 130PM LDN/ / 6PM DEL


To join this Wisdom Talk, please use the form to register for free. An email with the zoom link to join the talk as well as a whatsapp group invitation link to join the exclusive Gita Talk Club Taster chat will be emailed to you upon registration.

7 Days of Living the Gita

Join our guru Manoj Kaimal’s wisdom teachings to experience a week of ‘living the gita’.


BONUS: Exclusive Gita Talk Club Access from SEPTEMBER 8th to 15th, 2021

What to expect from the 60-min Wisdom Talk by Manoj?

One hour lecture covering essence of second chapter of Gita, where you get clarity on core concepts such as karma, turtle practice, happiness, sankhya etc

What is the Gita Talk Club Taster?

When you sign up for this free talk, you will gain a one-week membership into the Gita Talk Club community from September 8th to 15th. (Please join the link to the whatsapp group via the registration confirmation email).

In this exclusive whatsapp group community, you will be ‘living the gita’ through daily audio clips and notes shared by Guru Manoj on practical applications of the teachings. You will also be able to raise doubts directly and be part of a dedicated group of Gita students from different parts of the world sharing their experiences.

Manoj Kaimal

Manoj Kaimal is the founder of Manasa Yoga, a yoga school which he established in the year 2000, along with his wife Sandhya. Since 2000, Manoj has been fully committed to teaching ‘Manasa Yoga’ in Malaysia and has trained hundreds of yoga teachers who are teaching within Malaysia and abroad. ‘Manasa Yoga’ enables students to move from the concept of merely stretching the body to stretching the mind towards the infinite spirit and realign with the true self. Manoj conducts a Yoga Teacher Training Course for senior students as well as regular workshops, yoga talks and annual yoga retreats on Asanas and Yogic philosophy.

Author of 2 books: Celebration of Asanas (2007) and Making Patanjali Palatable (2008), Manoj has been invited to be a presenter at key international yoga and health events over the years. Most recently, Manasa Yoga School was awarded 2020's Best Yoga School of the year by Malaysia's Yoga Life magazine.

11 Classes 1 Talk Each Week

Step into the ancient tradition of yoga and get absorbed in undiluted yogic teachings by joining our classes and yoga talks. Manasa Yoga, established in 1999 is Malaysia’s premier yoga school and Manasa classes are for anyone and everyone who needs movement, body work, breath work and philosophical perspectives in their lives. Choose from 11 yoga classes and 1 yoga philosophy talk each week to enhance your mind-body connection. You can join us from anywhere in the world as all our classes are currently live-streamed. We have classes everyday but Monday because everyone needs a day off, even Malaysia’s Best Yoga School of 2020! 

Yoga Retreat this October

Langkawi Island awaits our arrival for a much overdue yoga retreat. Join us October 14th to 19th for a retreat towards inner liberation. Email us [email protected] if you would like to join us for an experience towards inner liberation.

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