Manasa Credits FAQ

What are Manasa credits?

Manasa credits are what you will use to book classes, talks and workshops directly through our Manasa website. These credits allow you to choose which events (yoga class, talks or workshops) you would like to reserve. Please note that the number of credits needed to book an event depends on what the event is, the level of the class, and also on whether it is an “in-studio” or “live-stream” event. The amount of credits and the validity of the credits you have, is determined by the package you purchased.

When you are running low on credits, just purchase another package! Choose from our selection of monthly and 3-monthly packages. 

How long is the booking window?

You can book any Manasa class (talk or workshop) about 10 days to a week before the scheduled event, up until 2 hours before an in-studio class or 5 minutes before a livestream class. Since there is a no cancellation policy in place, we recommend that you only book classes you are sure you can attend.

Manasa credits are non-shareable and non-exchangeable

Each practitioner will be required to purchase credits in their name using a  unique email and therefore, each practitioner can only book a Manasa event for himself/herself with his/her Manasa credits. All class attendance (in-studio or livestream) at Manasa are only on a pre-booked basis. Sharing of credits will not be tolerated. For livestream classes, please do not share the event’s link with another person as livestream booking is strictly on a 1 booking 1 device policy. 

 Do Manasa credits expire?

Yes, unused Manasa credits will expire depending on the package you purchased. If you purchased a monthly package, then the credits will expire 30 days from the date of purchase. Credits of 3-month packages will expire 90 days from the date of purchase. There will be no extension of credit validity so please be prudent in your selection of which packages to commit to. If you need help in selecting a package which suits you, please contact

My credits expire tomorrow. Can I book classes past my credit expiry date?

Yes, you can use your expiring credits to book classes past your expiry date. Since we generally publish classes 7 to 10 days ahead, you can use your expiring credits to book ahead so as not to waste them. 

When should I renew my package?

You can renew your commitment with a new credits package when your current balance of credits are too low for you to book a class, talk or workshop, if you have totally run out of credits, or if your credits have expired. Do choose a package which complements your current level of commitment. If you are planning to travel, get a package with lesser credits to avoid wastage. 

What else can I use Manasa credits for?

Besides the booking of events like classes, workshops, and talks, you can also use your Manasa credits to purchase talk downloads from the website. We have talk downloads available for purchase for those who are interested in listening to wisdom teachings.  For further details, you can contact

In the event of an emergency…

If for some unthinkable reason you are unable to attend an in-studio class you have booked, and you were able to notify us more than 12 hours before the scheduled event, we will try to move your booking to another in-studio class or a livestream class on a different date. If you have booked a live-stream class and you are unable to attend but are able to notify us more than 2 hours before the scheduled live-stream event, we will move your booking to another event of your choice. Credits will be adjusted when necessary.