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About Manasa Yoga & Our Teacher Training

Manasa Yoga school was established in 1999 in Malaysia and we have been training yoga teachers since the year 2000. A recognized Yoga Alliance (YA) Registered School (RYS) since 2011, our 200-hour teacher training which we usually run twice annually, and our 300-hour advanced teacher training which we run by-invitation-only, adhere to the Yoga Alliance’s standards thereby permitting yoga teachers who graduate from our Teacher Training courses to become either a RYT 200 or a RYT 500. Most recently in January 2020, Manasa Yoga was recognized as the Best Yoga School in Malaysia by Yoga Life Magazine and Tourism Malaysia

If you love Manasa classes and you would like to enhance your personal yoga practice or to learn how to teach as we do at Manasa, you might want to consider joining our yoga teacher training.

Our next 200-Hour Teacher Training will start on March 4th, 2023 and we are excited to announce that we will be open for registration for eligible candidates from January 1st, 2023. Please read on for more details.

WHAT will you be learning?

Some of the topics you will be exploring in our 200-hour teacher training include:

  • The purpose and directions of yoga
  • Components of asana practice – breath, form and awareness
  • Safety in alignment
  • The art of observation and safe adjustments
  • Manasa specific use of props and their purposes
  • Restorative and therapeutic practice directions
  • How we categorize postures and how to create sequences
  • How to apply anatomy and biomechanics towards a safer and enhanced practice
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques) & Manasa specific awareness practice
  • Origin and history of yoga
  • Different schools of yogic philosophy
  • The art of articulation in teaching yoga
  • How to adjust and enhance students with touch and directives
  • How to creatively and skillfully teach a themed yoga class or workshop
  • Introduction to stillness practice, towards meditation
  • In depth study of anatomy and its application in yoga
  • Learning about the different yoga systems
  • How to teach and lead meditation & pranayama techniques
  • How to enhance your own yoga practice

WHAT you need to commit to:

  • Attendance of  all 16 course lectures & asana sessions on Saturdays 1-7PM or Sundays* 8AM – 130PM (only for Module 3)
  • Daily asana & pranayama home practice which corresponds to weekly teachings
  • Regular assignments on the week’s subject of study (anatomical & philosophical)
  • Regular teaching assignment videos
  • Observation of a strict yogic vegetarian diet to connect to non-harming as a first hand experience
  • Assisting a minimum of 8 basic classes at Manasa Yoga
  • Keeping a daily journal to observe and record daily intentions and progresses

HOW is our 200-Hour teacher training structured

Our 200-Hour Teacher Training is a 16-week program divided into four modules. Each module will consist of 4 weeks with compulsory attendance of lecture & practice on Saturdays from 1-7PM (for Module 1, 2 & 4) and on Sundays from 8AM-130PM (Module 3). With each module you complete, you will accrue 50 teacher training hours at Manasa Yoga. To complete and graduate from the Manasa Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training, you will need to complete all four modules.

Question most asked: If becoming a yoga teacher is not my primary intention. Is this teacher training suitable for me?

Believe it or not, most yoga practitioners who join our teacher training are regular yogis who just want to KNOW more about this thing they do (yoga) which makes them feel good about themselves. However, after completing the course, many do go on to become yoga teachers as they feel empowered and compelled to share and spread the authentic teachings of yoga to others.

Learn to teach from a place of true understanding

For those who are embarking on our teacher training because they want to teach yoga, our program will equip you with the skills and tools necessary to teach from a true place of understanding. We will provide you with all the materials and guidance for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, to vastly improve your own asana and pranayama/ meditation practice, as well as to live your moments deeply and insightfully, enabling you to recognise yourself as a celebration of the universe. A win-win for everybody.

WHAT can I expect to learn in each of the modules?

First module (week 1-4)

Philosophy: Structural context of Manasa- Yoga Sutras. Learn, practice and teach Manasa specific opening sitting and breath awareness practices.

Anatomy: Detailed study of feet, knees and hips in purely anatomical ways as well as in the context of asana applications.

Asanas: Detailed study of sun salutations, standing postures and more.

Practice: Four weeks of daily practices, covering sequences which will enhance your anatomical understanding of feet, knees and hips. Sequences will range from Kalari movements (ancient martial art of Kerala, India), sun salutations, standing postures, arm balances, inversions, hip openers and more.

Teaching practice: Learn how to teach Sun salutations accurately with clear instructions as well as in the vinyasa method, standing poses, opening sitting practices and more.

Second module (week 5-8)

Philosophy: Concentration, meditation and absorption in Patanjali’s yoga, introduction to Vedanta, the anatomy of the self as in Vedanta philosophy, understanding karma and the different types of karma.

Anatomy: Brain, divisions, structures, applications in terms of yoga; abdominal musculature

Asanas: Abdominal sequences; applications of abdominal principles in all categories of postures

Practice: Deep meditation practices and abdomen strengthening asana sequences including the Manasa 100 Core Breath Sequences.

Teaching practice: Learn to teach Manasa specific abdominal sequences. Learn the essentials of skillful teaching, the three components you should stress in each class and forward bend essentials.

Third module** (weeks 9-12)

**Please note that MODULE 3 lecture & practice sessions are on SUNDAY starting at 8AM-130PM

Philosophy: Unlocking the symbolism and understanding the beautiful aspirations and teachings of the opening and closing chants, in-depth learning of the philosophy of ashtanga vinyasa as well as scriptures of hatha yoga which are aligned with the practice of ashtanga vinyasa. The study of the OM chant will also be explored.

Anatomy: Detailed study of biomechanical aspects of all the postures of the Primary Series.

Asanas: Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series. Learning the exact counting method of the vinyasas and moving through the specific vinyasas according to the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition.

Practice: Daily practice of the ashtanga vinyasa yoga system, with emphasis on tristhana.

Teaching practice: Teaching ashtanga vinyasa with the exact counting method.

Fourth module (weeks 13-16)

Philosophy: Chakras & Kundalini, Shaivism & Shaktism.

Anatomy: Nervous system, elbows and wrists

Asanas: Asanas to align with different chakras.

Practice: Daily practice of different sequences to align you with the different chakras to embody specific chakra teachings.

Teaching: Essentials of teaching yoga in the context of chakras; how to teach Manasa ropes & chair sequences

WHAT are the dates for the next 4 modules?

2022 First Intake for 200 Hour TTC 

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3**


Module 4


* Attendance of all teacher training lectures is compulsory for final assessment and certification.

** Please note that MODULE 3 Active Practice will be on SUNDAYS at 8-930AM followed by lectures from 10AM -130PM

All dates are tentative and may change due to unexpected circumstances.

WHAT is the cost for self discovery? 

Priceless may be the real answer however you should view our teacher training course fee as an investment towards forging a more meaningful relationship with your SELF and everything around you. 

Fee per module: RM 2900 / per module

RM 2,900 non-refundable tuition due TWO WEEKS BEFORE scheduled start date of Module 1, 2, 3 or 4.

IF you are planning to sign up for all 4 modules in one go, we do have a special investment deal for you.

NOTE: Fees for the 200 Hour Teacher Training will entitle teacher trainees to 12 complimentary classes per module.

* Manasa 200-Hour TTC REFRESHER Fee*: RM 880 per module

** Manasa TTC Refresher Fee is only applicable to former teacher trainees who have completed the respective Manasa teacher training.

Manasa Teacher Training Faculty

The director of our teacher training courses is Manasa Guru and Co-founder, Manoj Kaimal. Senior resident teachers at Manasa are also engaged to assist as mentors to provide personalized guidance and support to the teacher trainees in our programs. Please read on to find out more about our teacher training faculty.

About Manoj Kaimal ERYT 500
Principal Teacher

Manoj is one of the leading yoga teachers with a unique ability for helping people release the physical, mental and emotional obstacles that prevent them from achieving their very best in life and business. He, along with his wife Sandhya, conceptualized Manasa Yoga as a specific style of yoga in 2002. Manoj was introduced to yoga at the tender age of seven by his grandparents and later, further refined his knowledge by spending time with traditions such as the Sivananda Ashram, Iyengar Yoga, Pattabhi Jois’ Ashtanga Vinyasa, etc. Originally from Kerala, India, he has been a resident of Malaysia since the late nineties. Yoga philosophy is his passion and everyday he looks forward to taking his students on a journey of embodying a piece of yogic philosophy through their mat practice. Off the mat, he delivers yoga related talks at international and local health related events and writes inspirational pieces. In the last 10 years, he has written 2 books that have been distributed by MPH Distributors. Manoj has been featured in the Star, News Strait Times as well as the Edge several times. He has also appeared on BFM, NTV 7 and Astro several times.


Senior Manasa Resident Teacher

Susan has been a student of Manoj Kaimal since mid 2002. A decade of regular practice as well as the completion of the 200Hour Teacher Training in 2008 and the 500 Hour Teacher Training in 2010 with Manasa Yoga has inspired Susan to share and teach how breathing and movement can be tools used by anybody to skillfully empower and positively impact their lives. A resident teacher at Manasa Yoga since 2009, Susan has also been active in the assistance and teaching of therapeutic classes at Manasa since its inception in March of 2011 until late 2015 when it ended. Since 2011, she has been regularly assisting Manoj as a mentor in the Manasa Yoga teacher training programs. In early 2020, before the Covid disruptions, Susan co-hosted a  4-day yoga and fasting retreat for yogis and fasters, but what she is still most proud of is her week-long stint in late January 2020 as a Yoga Philosophy teacher at the All Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Susan's classes are known to be tough and her students tougher.


Senior Manasa Resident Teacher

Jean started her regular practice at Manasa Yoga in 2002. In 2005, she completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training at Manasa Yoga School, and in 2013, she completed the Manasa Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training. Jean has been teaching yoga in well-known fitness chains like Fitness First, and gyms since 2004. She also teaches a few personal and corporate classes. In 2006, she joined Manasa Yoga as one of the Yoga school’s resident teachers where she not only teaches regular classes but also assists in mentoring teacher trainees. Jean is a popular teacher in the local fitness circuit, and she has a strong following of students who would go from gym to gym, just to sweat under her instruction. Her strong personal practice and her kind demeanor both motivate and inspire her students through her often challenging classes.