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Year End Pranayama & Meditation Class-shops

Wrap up 2021 mindfully by joining our year-end Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Nidra Class-shops happening on 2 Mondays of DEC 13 & 21. 

The year 2021 is coming to the final relaxation phase of its cycle. Many challenges were thrown out during its active phase, but now it’s starting to let it all go, and give way to 2022.

Can we do the same? Can we deeply rest? Teachings say that to deeply rest, subtle disturbances in the breath rhythm should be addressed. 

So towards all this, JOIN US as Manoj conducts two Monday night class-shops comprising pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra/ deep guided relaxations. May we let it all go, and give way to a fruitful 2022 ahead.


DATE : MONDAYS DEC 13 & 20 over ZOOM


How to Sign Up

PAY RM95 for two pre-scheduled 60-minute Pranayama & Meditation class-shops with Manoj Kaimal scheduled for MONDAY December 13th & 20th (terms and conditions apply) . 

BE AN EARLY BIRD: BOOK BEFORE 11:59PM KL time on Wednesday DEC 8th with EARLYBIRD discount-code: WORMGETTER to get 10% off the published rate. 

Do note that the booking window for this Year-end class-shop package will end at 8PM KL time on Monday December 13th, 2021.


Fee : RM 95/- PER DEVICE

Time : 8-9 PM KUL/ 7AM NYC/ 10AM LDN/ 530PM DEL

Date : DECEMBER 13 & 20 (MONDAYS)



  • An open and ready disposition and/or intention to connect to inner states. 
  • A comfortable space with a conducive ambiance.
  • Optional props like a yoga block or bolster to sit on may be appreciated by some bodies. 

What is Pranayama?

Pranayama involves the introduction of different rhythms to our breathing, aimed at invoking deeper states of focus and peace of mind. At Manasa classes, we practice 5 different pranayama methods namely Kapalabathi, Agnisara, Nadi Shodhana, Bharamarii and Bhastrika so at this class-shops you can expect to be immersed into these techniques.

Is Pranayama the same as Meditation?

At Manasa, we are particular about our usage of words. So at this class shop you will understand the essence of dhyana, the sanskrit word which is generally translated as meditation. Through specific techniques of focus, along with the pranayama, participants may experience the rising of the deep state of dhyana/ meditation. 

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga nidra is something we usually do at Manasa yoga retreats but at this class-shop you will get a taste of this uber relaxing practice. Nidra means sleep, and usually in sleep we lose our awareness.  Yoga nidra isa guided  practice in a supine position where one’s awareness is guided through a rotational body awareness, and you may find yourself slowly entering dream and even deep sleep states, but with some degree of awareness.  It is a really relaxing practice and you may find yourself really refreshed when coming out of a yoga nidra, like having come out of a deep sleep.

Manasa Pranayama & Meditation Class-shops Package T&Cs:

  1. The EARLYBIRD 10% off discount-code will not be valid beyond 11:59PM (KUL time) Wednesday 8th December 2021. 
  2. This Class-Shop package will expire at 8PM sharp (KUL time) on MONDAY DECEMBER 13, 2021. 
  3. The dates of the two class-shops are pre determined scheduled classes and will run only at 8PM to 9PM KUL time on DECEMBER 13th & 20th
  4. This class-shop package is not exchangeable for any other dates or other classes, even if you miss one of the class-shops.
  5. Purchase of this 2 class-shop special is non-refundable
  6. Access to these 2 class-shops are only for those who have signed up and purchased the Pranayama & Meditation Class-shop package.
  7. This package is non exchangeable for cash or Manasa credits.
  8. BOTH zoom links will be emailed to you upon purchase of the abovementioned Class-shop package so please do not delete the email until you have attended both class-shops.
  9. Attendance will be noted at each class-shop and if an attendee is not recognizable as a paid participant, he or she may be booted out of the class.
  10. Please ensure that the name you registered for the class is being carried by your gadget used for and during the said ZOOM class.  
  11. This package will no longer be bookable beyond 8PM on Monday 13 DECEMBER 2021

Manoj Kaimal

Manoj Kaimal is the founder of Manasa Yoga, a yoga school which he established in the year 2000, along with his wife Sandhya. Since 2000, Manoj has been fully committed to teaching ‘Manasa Yoga’ in Malaysia and has trained hundreds of yoga teachers who are teaching within Malaysia and abroad. ‘Manasa Yoga’ enables students to move from the concept of merely stretching the body to stretching the mind towards the infinite spirit and realign with the true self. Manoj conducts a Yoga Teacher Training Course for senior students as well as regular workshops, yoga talks and annual yoga retreats on Asanas and Yogic philosophy.

Author of 2 books: Celebration of Asanas (2007) and Making Patanjali Palatable (2008), Manoj has been invited to be a presenter at key international yoga and health events over the years. Most recently, Manasa Yoga School was awarded 2020's Best Yoga School of the year by Malaysia's Yoga Life magazine.


Since November 2021, Manasa’s *IN-STUDIO* practice has resumed and is open to the fully vaccinated aged 12-65. To join an in-studio or zoom practice, please book your spot from

Booking for in-studio practice closes 2 hours before start time of class and booking for zoom classes will close 5 mins before start time of class.

We are starting with selected classes *IN-STUDIO* and hope to add more soon 

Please refer to the class schedule for details.

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